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Ask Sasha Anything - Wedding Professional Advice

Ask Sasha Anything - Wedding Professional Advice

I received dozens of questions to answer and I will get through them, but my first question is from Fausto Pifferrer, Vice President of Blue Elephant Catering in Saco, Maine.

 It's a great one and something that I really struggled with early in my career:

Q:  "This is weighing heavy...... Why do all vendors jockey for position, I've noticed this explosion in the last five years that everyone has become an expert particularly in my region.  How do you deal with all the know it all's? And how do you get everyone to play nice in the sandbox!"

A:  This is a really difficult question but I'm going to try my best to gather up what I think is the most efficient route for you to go when dealing with difficult people in the industry:  

One thing I know for sure... the less time you are in the industry, the more you want to control all aspects of the weddings.  This is true for wedding planners, event...

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Wedding Planner Advice - Ask Me Anything

Wedding Planner Advice

 Do you want to become a wedding planner?  Are you a wedding planner and you are having a problem with your business or with your clients?  I'd love to answer your question and give you my take on the situation.  I know it's difficult when you can't afford to hire a mentor or a coach and you're stuck not knowing what direction to take.  It can sometimes feel like the business owns you instead of you owning the business.  So, I decided that I would do a column-like blog that will appear here on the Consultancy for Creatives AND on my Sasha Souza Events blog.  I'm hoping that I can get some really great questions from you so we can help others who maybe are facing the same thing you are.  

It's easy to feel alone in this business, especially when you work at home each day and don't have a ton of interaction. 

Use the link below to fill out the form!

Ask Me Anything!

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How to Become an Event Coordinator - Start with Forms!

How To Become An Event Coordinator

When I first started my business in 1995, I had no idea how to become an event coordinator - I had zero ideas what I was doing or how to do it and I couldn't find a single person to fill me in on the right steps to take.  But I didn't give up, I forged a path for myself and have done very well in the process.  In fact, we created a really easy way to work with clients to create their events that are efficient and effective and has allowed me to have weekends to myself when I'm not planning fabulous weddings.  

What I did recently was to release our top 14 forms for download.  Why?  Because I believe that giving back to this industry is important.  While these aren't free, I did price them at a low barrier of entry cost. For $39 you can download all the forms.  But that price won't last, it will be gone when summer comes to an end.  So far, hundreds of you have downloaded them and I'm hoping that you're using...

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Wedding Planner Facebook Group: The Creators

Wedding Planner Group

Are you a wedding or event pro? Check out this new group...The Creators. We'd love to have you join us for mentoring and business advice. Everybody is invited to this party!


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Wedding Planner Books

Wedding Planner Books

If you’re looking for Wedding Planner books, Signature Sasha: Wedding Design Planner, by celebrity wedding and event designer Sasha Souza, is the only wedding design planner of its kind, providing event planners and brides-to-be with elegant design ideas, innovative approaches, planning tools, guidelines, and other wedding design necessities to keep you organized, prepared, and well-informed through your entire wedding design planning process.

This ultimate planner is a beautiful and chic download that will seamlessly guide and inspire you–or those partaking in planning this special event–through the steps of crafting each element of your wedding, including decorations, flowers, cake, venue, seating assignments, table top arrangements, timelines, and much more!

To create an innately unique wedding, your inspirations and dreams should be at the forefront of every decision. This planner provides you with tools including...

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Becoming an Event Designer

Uncategorized Jul 05, 2017

Becoming an Event Designer
Are you thinking of becoming an event designer but you're looking for a great foundation to start?  Do you want to add event design to your repertoire?  I have the educational course for you that helps you take your wedding planning business to the next level AND it's all online so you can go at your own pace.  If you are a:

  • Wedding planner
  • Event Designer
  • Floral Designer
  • Wedding Designer
  • Event Planner

Even if you're brand new to the wedding industry, this course will help give you a jump start in your new career.  And you want to learn more about how to incorporate more event design into your business and how to charge for event design, how to work with color and texture, finding inspiration and many other details, you'll want to sign up for this.  The course is only 2 payments of $295 and lasts for 10 full weeks.  Plus at the end of the course, you are able to submit a "final" where you have a chance to win a 2-day...

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Wedding Planner Masterclass

Wedding Planner Masterclass

I couldn't be more excited to have launched the Consultancy for Creatives Wedding Design Intensive.  It's the wedding planner masterclass you've been waiting for.  We talk about design and how to infuse it into your weddings, how to take your business to the next level and how designers think.  It's the next level for your wedding planning business.  If you're looking at becoming an event planner, this is also a great class for you because we talk about all kinds of things including pricing your services, working on proposals and different types of event design.

This wedding planner masterclass will help you figure out how to find your ideal couple, how to work with them and design the wedding of their dreams.  It's a class I wish that I had when I first started wedding planning.  What I love most about the class is that you can do it at your own pace, you can take the entire 10 weeks and do it on time or you can...

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Wedding Planning Business Plan

Wedding Planning includes a lot of different things including a wedding planning business plan, SEO, branding, website redesign, proposal creation... the list is at least a mile long.  

One of the things that I have had to become an expert in is wedding planner SEO.  I'm so deep into it, I can tell you things I never thought I had to know.  Can I hire somebody to do this for me?  Yes.  Do I want to?  No.  And I'll tell you why...I did have an SEO company help get me started but when I wasn't seeing any sort of return on my investment of multiple hundreds of dollars per month.  But they didn't "get" the nuances of my business.  ie: Most of my weddings are destination weddings, I offer many different types of services and we have several different areas where I'm working, our Google local distance is about 200 miles from Napa Valley in all directions.  

I did have an SEO company help get me started but when I wasn't seeing any...

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Wedding Planning Internship

Here is the chance to win something amazing.  A chance to have a two day wedding planning internship in June 2018. How do you do that?  Sign up for and complete the Wedding Design Intensive.   In December I will be awarding it to at least one lucky winner who will have the opportunity to work directly with me at a two day event.  So if you're looking for a wedding planning internship, this could be your chance!  

You'll also have the opportunity to take the Wedding Designs Intensive whcich is pretty cool, too!

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Wedding business consultant

Wedding business consultant 

Did you know that if you have a tank of crabs and one crab is trying to crawl out that the other crabs will, quite literally, pull it back in instead of helping it get out? The Consultancy for Creatives is all about lifting you up out of that mess below you.  As a wedding business consultant, it is my desire to see you flourish and leave your competitors in the tank pulling each other back down  Rise up!

visit the store to get started on your journey up and out. 


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