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Announcing: The Collab Group Coaching for Your Wedding Business

coaching collab group coaching mentoring Dec 08, 2019

You've been asking for it and I've created it just FOR YOU! 


The Collab is limited to 35 individual members

Sasha Souza’s The Consultancy for Creatives now offers group coaching for your wedding business - to event professionals including wedding and event planners, caterers, venues, bands, DJs, floral designers, photographers, and all others who provide products and services related to events and weddings. The members of The Collab must be focused on growing their company, careers, and team.  Collaborative coaching affords the benefits of one-on-one mentoring while also gaining the efficiencies of participating in a group setting with the added element of peer-to-peer learning with companies who share similar goals and challenges.

Community challenges we focus on include writing winning proposals, creative event design, converting leads to sales, create attention-grabbing sales pitches, differentiating your company and services from the competition, building and expanding your network, finding creative ways to redefine your brand standards, create a business less reliant on the owner by delegating responsibility for success, creating synergistic relationships with vendors, pivoting your company in case of recession, shifting your business trajectory, any much more.


The Collab coaching for your wedding business consists of the following:

  • Diagnostic: In advance of joining the Collab, each member completes a short questionnaire to identify focus areas, pain points, and current business status.
  • Collab Prep: In advance of each call, each member is responsible for completing a short worksheet, which includes a progress report, provide a list of outstanding questions, and provide an idea of desired focus area(s) for an upcoming Collab Coaching Session.
  • Twice Monthly Collab Coaching Session: As part of the Collab Coaching membership, Sasha Souza leads a 2-hour Zoom video call session once a month focused on addressing the members, as well as shared challenges, of the Collab.  Monthly topics are developed through the Collab prep materials as well as a short collaborative discussion among members at the beginning of each call.  Sessions may focus on unique challenges of the individual members or of shared pain points.  All Zoom calls are uploaded to your page for (re)viewing later.
  • Private Online Collaboration Forum: In order to support peer-to-peer collaboration among members in between group coaching sessions, The Consultancy for Creatives sets up a private online off Facebook group to post questions, share progress, and ask for help with challenges they may be facing.
  • Guest Speakers: Some calls will include guest presenters from all types of industries who will discuss important knowledge from their years in business.  The speakers will include those notable to the event industry as well as business people with unique selling propositions that the Collab can learn from.
  • Peer Review: Peer review of member websites, branding, SEO, sales materials, business practices, and photoshoots.  Buy gaining peer-to-peer and expert insight, members will be afforded the opportunity to present their offerings for collaboration. 
  • Monthly Business Book Club:  Monthly book club to the top business books to read or listen to.  Each book is hand-selected by Sasha Souza as a book that has transformed her business.

Fun Fact: The cost of group coaching is 39% of one-on-one coaching & mentoring.

Sign up now and be one of only 35 who are considered Consultancy for Creatives COLLABorators. 

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