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Ask Sasha Anything - Wedding Professional Advice

Ask Sasha Anything - Wedding Professional Advice

I received dozens of questions to answer and I will get through them, but my first question is from Fausto Pifferrer, Vice President of Blue Elephant Catering in Saco, Maine.

 It's a great one and something that I really struggled with early in my career:

Q:  "This is weighing heavy...... Why do all vendors jockey for position, I've noticed this explosion in the last five years that everyone has become an expert particularly in my region.  How do you deal with all the know it all's? And how do you get everyone to play nice in the sandbox!"

A:  This is a really difficult question but I'm going to try my best to gather up what I think is the most efficient route for you to go when dealing with difficult people in the industry:  

One thing I know for sure... the less time you are in the industry, the more you want to control all aspects of the weddings.  This is true for wedding planners, event...

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Wedding Planner Advice - Ask Me Anything

Wedding Planner Advice

 Do you want to become a wedding planner?  Are you a wedding planner and you are having a problem with your business or with your clients?  I'd love to answer your question and give you my take on the situation.  I know it's difficult when you can't afford to hire a mentor or a coach and you're stuck not knowing what direction to take.  It can sometimes feel like the business owns you instead of you owning the business.  So, I decided that I would do a column-like blog that will appear here on the Consultancy for Creatives AND on my Sasha Souza Events blog.  I'm hoping that I can get some really great questions from you so we can help others who maybe are facing the same thing you are.  

It's easy to feel alone in this business, especially when you work at home each day and don't have a ton of interaction. 

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Ask Me Anything!

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