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I'm Sasha Souza, CEO & Owner of Sasha Souza EventsI'm so glad you're here doing great things for your business! I started this Consultancy to help my peers in the event industry who want to take their business to the next level.

As a creative business coach and mentor in the wedding & event industry, it's my goal to help you be the best you can possibly be. This helps elevate the entire industry and benefits everybody by having people who are the very best. So if you're looking for online courses, downloads to help your business, a coach or a event planning mentorship, you've come to the right place. 

I've helped, quite literally, thousands of people change the way they think about their business - through speaking engagements, books and mentorships.

I've spoken to tens of thousands of her industry peers all over the world including all across the US, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Japan, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Columbia South America and I gets offers to speak at conferences regularly. I speak and keynote at widely attended conferences including The Special Event Show, Catersource Conference & Tradeshow, and Wedding MBA just to name a few. #WhereInTheWorldIsSashaSouza

Celebrity Wedding Designer, Author, Event Industry Influencer, Conference Keynote Educator, Mentor & Coach

I'm known for my keen eye for color, pattern and style.  With wedding design becoming the focus of my business in 2001, I pioneered many of the design styles used across nearly two decades.  With thousands of weddings under my belt, I continue to innovate and strive for the most creative weddings and events  I am also he winner of numerous industry awards including being named a Top 25 Trendsetter, a Designer of the Year and Creating the Best Dining Tabletop Design 

I have also written three best-selling books about wedding and event design including the IPPY Award winning Signature Sasha: Magnificent Weddings by Design, Signature Sasha: Weddings & Celebrations to Inspire and Signature Sasha: Wedding Design Planner.  It's through hard work and dedication that I am considered to be a top influencer in the wedding industry and have been hired to represent many brands in getting their products into the hands of their target wedding market audience.

Limited to only 35 event professionals, group coaching is a more cost effective route than one-on-one mentorships. This four month membership affords you some of the same benefits as one-on-one coaching for a more affordable price. Membership renews every four months. One-on-one mentorships are also available.

The Collab: Group Coaching for Creatives

$146.25/ mo charged every 4 mo. Total charge $585 per 4 mo.

You've been asking for it and I've created it just FOR YOU! THE COLLAB COACHING GROUP HELPS YOU ACHIEVES SUCCESS...

Join Today. First Group Begins January 15

Don't be behind the competition. My forms will help you get to know your client, be a better CEO, and get a handle on your designs. Download the top forms & templates to use in your creative business and the brand new Signature Sasha book. Get more info below!

Wedding Design Planner & Forms Bundle

$107.00 USD

This is the bundle to take you to the next level!  Are you an event pro and you want to add efficiency to your ...

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Downloadable Event Pro Forms

$45.00 USD

Are you an event pro and you want to add efficiency to your business?  Do you want to be an event pro or we...

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Event Design Questionnaire Forms

$43.00 USD

For years, people have wanted to get their hands on my proprietary Event Design Questionnaire - 10 pages of e...

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Signature Sasha: Wedding Design Planner Download

$35.00 USD

Signature Sasha: Wedding Design Planner, by celebrity wedding and event designer Sasha Souza, is the only wedding des...

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With our MasterClass offerings you can sign up right away and start learning how to take your business to the next level immediately! If you want to change your destiny and make yourself stand out, you're not going to want to wait another second to get on this adventure.

Event Design Intensive

2 monthly payments of $124.50 USD

Welcome to the Event Design Intensive I am so excited to offer my peers in the event industry a new way of lear...

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Business365 - Membership Society

$22.00 USD every month

Monthly:A video lesson to get you started paired with a printable step by step guide of what you need to do to build ...

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Get Results Like These!

"At the beginning of this year, I made a plan to overhaul everything — branding, imaging, service collections, etc. After ten years in the industry, I felt myself approaching rut, which can be dangerous and difficult to get out of. Once I had a custom brand in place, I knew I had to take a step further and extend those changes to how we worked with our clients, what we offered our clients and more. Working with Sasha was everything I needed and more to catapult my business from the usual and mundane into an exhilarating experience that I am thrilled to embark upon. I have always adored Sasha— not only for her body of work and expertise, but for her candor and ability to keep her finger on the pulse of wedding trends, but also the wedding industry itself. Having been in the pageant circuits and fashion industry, I have learned it is always best to have that one good girlfriend who will tell you the truth about yourself — “That dress is too tight”, “You have lipstick on your teeth”, “Your perfume stinks”. That one friend who sees and knows the potential you have in you and will not let your foot cross the threshold of any building being less than what you are. That is what Sasha is to me."

Terrica Skaggs
Cocktails & Details

"Isis Williams of Posh Events LLC via Facebook: Today I am thankful for Sasha of Consultancy for Creatives who is seriously the best business investment I've made in a long time. Thank you for giving back to the industry and to genuinely caring about those you coach. Your impact is real and I personally am thankful that you care. xo"

Isis Petrie
Posh Events, LLC

"via Instagram: Sasha has been wonderful for us! She is honestly a nice person who really wants to help and advise. We have grown by leaps and bounds!"

Davii Mandel
MiChicas Celebrations


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