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Becoming a Wedding Designer: Event Design Intensive

3 monthly payments of $196.00 USD

Welcome to the Event Design Intensive I am so excited to offer my peers in the event industry a new way of lear...

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The 8 Week MasterPlan

2 monthly payments of $199.00 USD

Not sure you want a coach or think you can't afford to have a business mentor? This is for you! This course is your ...

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Wedding Planner Forms Downloadable!

$39.00 USD

Are you a wedding planner and you want to add efficiency to your business?  Do you want to be a wedding planner ...

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Signature Sasha: Wedding Design Planner Download

$42.00 USD

Signature Sasha: Wedding Design Planner, by celebrity wedding and event designer Sasha Souza, is the only wedding des...

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Wedding MBA Fireside Night - October 2nd

$189.00 USD

Join Sasha for a private and intimate event the day prior to Wedding MBA. From 7 p.m. - 10 p.m. on Monday, Octob...

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