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Wedding Business Rebranding: Celebrations by Sally

wedding business coach wedding business coaching wedding business mentor wedding business rebrand Mar 07, 2018

Wedding Business Rebranding

 I've been working with Sally from Celebrations by Sally in Phoenix, Arizona through the Founding Membership: All Access for more than a year and we've tackled issues from client relations to booking to TV appearances and design, but one of the things I'm most proud of is her Wedding Business Rebranding.  

Sally's wedding business rebranding was a paramount issue.  When Sally first onboarded to the Consultancy for Creatives, she uploaded all her logos, documents, brochures, sales documents, etc.  Sally had strong feelings that her brand has a classic black and white with a magical pop of color.  We took it one step further, we added a gorgeous foil to the logo.  Sally doesn't only plan weddings, she also plans conferences and has regular television appearances at her local station in Phoenix, Arizona.  To say she's busy is an understatment.  

What I first want you to see if what we started with:



Her tired wedding brand turned into something so much more hip and chic, but still a reflection of who she is:



Rebranding is one of my favorite things to do with Consultancy clients - I love working with my client and the rebranding expert to get just the right feel that is unique to the wedding and event professional.  

I'd love to help you with your rebranding, head over to "Apply for Mentorship" and send in your information today to find out how we can create an amazing company for you.

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