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Wedding Planner Books

Wedding Planner Books

If you’re looking for Wedding Planner books, Signature Sasha: Wedding Design Planner, by celebrity wedding and event designer Sasha Souza, is the only wedding design planner of its kind, providing event planners and brides-to-be with elegant design ideas, innovative approaches, planning tools, guidelines, and other wedding design necessities to keep you organized, prepared, and well-informed through your entire wedding design planning process.

This ultimate planner is a beautiful and chic download that will seamlessly guide and inspire you–or those partaking in planning this special event–through the steps of crafting each element of your wedding, including decorations, flowers, cake, venue, seating assignments, table top arrangements, timelines, and much more!

To create an innately unique wedding, your inspirations and dreams should be at the forefront of every decision. This planner provides you with tools including...

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Wedding Planner Masterclass

Wedding Planner Masterclass

I couldn't be more excited to have launched the Consultancy for Creatives Wedding Design Intensive.  It's the wedding planner masterclass you've been waiting for.  We talk about design and how to infuse it into your weddings, how to take your business to the next level and how designers think.  It's the next level for your wedding planning business.  If you're looking at becoming an event planner, this is also a great class for you because we talk about all kinds of things including pricing your services, working on proposals and different types of event design.

This wedding planner masterclass will help you figure out how to find your ideal couple, how to work with them and design the wedding of their dreams.  It's a class I wish that I had when I first started wedding planning.  What I love most about the class is that you can do it at your own pace, you can take the entire 10 weeks and do it on time or you can...

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The Creative Business Coach & Chandai Events

Chandai hired me to coach her through fixing her flailing wedding business.  The company was known at the time as Kismet Events and really wasn't anything "special".  There was no personality in her company, no passion.  It was a standard Go Daddy website that didn't speak to what she is really capable of.  The first step was changing the brand entirely.  We went from the Kismet Events brand:

I mean, yuck, right?  I'm not hurting her feelings by telling you this publically, trust me, I said it to her over the phone.  One day, I may even show the video she had in the gallery, it was...interesting. 

Within a few weeks, we launched her new brand of Chandai Events:


Wow!  What a difference it makes.  It's clean, it reflects her sparkling personality and uses one of her top assets - her name, which is not a name you will see every day which makes it memorable.  

We're now working on her blog posting, SEO, sales materials and...

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