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Wedding Planner Masterclass

how to be a wedding planner wedding planner wedding planner coach wedding planner masterclass wedding planner mentor wedding planning classes Jul 02, 2017

Wedding Planner Masterclass

I couldn't be more excited to have launched the Consultancy for Creatives Wedding Design Intensive.  It's the wedding planner masterclass you've been waiting for.  We talk about design and how to infuse it into your weddings, how to take your business to the next level and how designers think.  It's the next level for your wedding planning business.  If you're looking at becoming an event planner, this is also a great class for you because we talk about all kinds of things including pricing your services, working on proposals and different types of event design.

This wedding planner masterclass will help you figure out how to find your ideal couple, how to work with them and design the wedding of their dreams.  It's a class I wish that I had when I first started wedding planning.  What I love most about the class is that you can do it at your own pace, you can take the entire 10 weeks and do it on time or you can take your time and finish each of the units.  But the best part?  If you finish the final by December 2018, you can win a wedding planning internship with my company for 2 days in June 2018.  I don't give away internships, we charge for them and this is your chance to get a $1,500 internship for free and learn a ton about event design in the process.

I'm looking forward to seeing your progress!


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