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You've Got Questions

First, I'm excited that you're here! Admitting you need assistance is a huge first step to creating a brand that you love and that attracts the client that is right for you. I meet many creatives like you who are stuck. Stuck in a rut of doing the same types of weddings, stuck not knowing who they are or stuck out of fear. Let's get you unstuck.

How long is the program?

It depends on which program you choose - as an example, the Founding Membership is generally 12 months and although I have clients who have chosen to stay in the program past the 12-month mark and continue for 18 months or more.  That membership is subscription based and you pay monthly until you end. 

We also offer an online course which is 10 weeks.  After you finish that course, you can add-on a discounted 6-month one-on-one coaching with Sasha.

We also offer the Business365 course which is one lesson a month in perpetuity, with that course you continue through or you can end the program after 1 year.  

How do I know the Consultancy for Creatives will work for me?

Everybody is different and what you get out of the program is what you put into it. Just as you let your clients know that they need to trust you, I would encourage you to do the same with me. The most dreaded words I hear are "I know, but..." If you knew, you wouldn't be coming to me for coaching and advice. If you continually miss phone calls and don't do the work...that's on you.

What is your coaching & mentorship style?

If you've seen me at a speaking engagement, you know that I'm no-nonsense and get straight to business. The same going into this program - it's not for people who are easily damaged by a critique of your work and it's not for people who can't take advice. That's the bottom line. It's a bit tough love mixed in with me being your greatest cheerleader.

How long will it take for me to see results?

It won't happen immediately, that I can tell you. It's focused work to make yourself better, more analytical and fix what's going on that's making you not be the success you want to be. Business guru Seth Godin says "the myth of overnight success is just that, a myth". The same goes for your business.

I heard one of my competitors signed up for your program, won't you give us the same advice?

Not in the least. You are separate companies, completely different people and have different goals. Even if you're in the same market, the goal is to set you apart from everybody else and set you on your way to being your own force in the industry with your own voice.

If I do the online courses, can I download the videos and watch them later?

Nope.  You get one go around on the program.  You do get to download the worksheets and booklets; however.


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