Hi!  I'm Sasha

I'm a creative event professional, just like you!  I have over 25 years experience creating incredible guest experiences, teaching my peers, and supporting my industry. I'd love to help you, too!

Hey there! I'm Sasha

Ready to start really loving your creative event business? Then you're in the right place. 

I've got a lot of rad things to show you. 

My name is Sasha Souza. I create incredible guest experiences and I teach other creative event professions to level up their businesses. 

Who Am I & What Do I Do? 

CEO Sasha Souza Events

As an Event Designer, I've spent 25 years creating the events you see in magazines, on blogs, and in TV shows. I've pioneered more trends than I can count.

Speaker & Author

I've written 3 traditionally published award winning books, spoken to tens of thousands of event professionals over 16 years as a speaker.

Online Educator & Mentor 

I've been mentoring Creative Event Pros since 2011 and have been using my knowledge via online education courses, downloads, and one-on-one mentoring since 2016. 

I'm glad you're here, allow me to tell you a little more about me! I'm Sasha and the CEO & Owner of Sasha Souza Events I'm also an educator, author, and mentor to a variety of creative event professionals through this program, The Consultancy for Creatives.

I guide creative event professionals that are struggling to level up their creative business by helping them get visible to their ideal client, build confidence and increase sales, and expand their reach in ways they never thought possible.


My business has planned more than 600 events over 25 years managing individual client budgets over $2 million dollars - and my business consistently brings in more than a half million dollars per year. I want you to have that same success.

I'm so glad you're here doing great things for your business! I started this Consultancy to help my peers in the event industry who want to take their business to the next level.

As a creative business coach and mentor in the wedding & event industry, it's my goal to help you be the best you can possibly be. This helps elevate the entire industry and benefits everybody by having people who are the very best. So if you're looking for online courses, downloads to help your business, a coach or a event planning mentorship, you've come to the right place. 

I've helped, quite literally, thousands of people change the way they think about their business - through speaking engagements, books and mentorships.

I've spoken to tens of thousands of my industry peers all over the world including all across the US, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Japan, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Columbia South America and I get offers to speak at conferences regularly. I speak and keynote at widely attended conferences including The Special Event Show, Catersource Conference & Tradeshow, and Wedding MBA just to name a few.

wedding planner mentoring

But honestly, why would you want to work with me?

...because I do the same job, just like you do... every. single. day.

...because I have built a strong business from the ground up

...because I'm committed to making you think bigger

...because my clients love me, my mentoring clients stay with me for years as they just keep getting better and better and better

Imagine if you had on your side somebody who has a solid brand in the industry.  Somebody who has been recognized as being an industry leader for more than 15 years and who has the knowledge and the history to guide you. Somebody who been in the industry for 25 years, and has appeared on dozens of TV shows, had interviews in hundreds of magazines, newspapers and other media and has seen recession, internet boom, internet crash and another recession and a pandemic. Someone who has written three books about weddings, design, and planning and has the ability to advise you on how to set yourself apart from the competition AND make yourself one of the all-stars of the event industry. 

I work with emerging rockstars - speakers, authors, educators, and top notch event pros.

If you are in an area where you are one of the hundreds of creatives all charging the same rate, all vying for the same clients and are looking to make yourself unique, you'll soar using our programs and mentoring.

Would you like to charge for the time you put into planning the event and get paid for it? Do you want to have somebody review your materials with an unbiased eye and tell you how you can set yourself apart?

Then you need to join me on this amazing adventure.

What is your Superpower?

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