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How to Become an Event Coordinator - Start with Forms!

becoming a wedding planner how to become a wedding planner how to become an event coordinator wedding planner forms wedding planner toolkit Jul 15, 2017

How To Become An Event Coordinator

When I first started my business in 1995, I had no idea how to become an event coordinator - I had zero ideas what I was doing or how to do it and I couldn't find a single person to fill me in on the right steps to take.  But I didn't give up, I forged a path for myself and have done very well in the process.  In fact, we created a really easy way to work with clients to create their events that are efficient and effective and has allowed me to have weekends to myself when I'm not planning fabulous weddings.  

What I did recently was to release our top 14 forms for download.  Why?  Because I believe that giving back to this industry is important.  While these aren't free, I did price them at a low barrier of entry cost. For $39 you can download all the forms.  But that price won't last, it will be gone when summer comes to an end.  So far, hundreds of you have downloaded them and I'm hoping that you're using them in your quest to become an event coordinator who has a more efficient business and a more high profile look to what you do.  Clients love it when you look professional and they will pay more for your service if you have a more high-end look.

So, trust me, if you're looking for how to become an event coordinator, I have created the programs for you.  

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