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Wedding Planner Masterclass

Wedding Planner Masterclass

I couldn't be more excited to have launched the Consultancy for Creatives Wedding Design Intensive.  It's the wedding planner masterclass you've been waiting for.  We talk about design and how to infuse it into your weddings, how to take your business to the next level and how designers think.  It's the next level for your wedding planning business.  If you're looking at becoming an event planner, this is also a great class for you because we talk about all kinds of things including pricing your services, working on proposals and different types of event design.

This wedding planner masterclass will help you figure out how to find your ideal couple, how to work with them and design the wedding of their dreams.  It's a class I wish that I had when I first started wedding planning.  What I love most about the class is that you can do it at your own pace, you can take the entire 10 weeks and do it on time or you can...

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Wedding Planning Business Plan

Wedding Planning includes a lot of different things including a wedding planning business plan, SEO, branding, website redesign, proposal creation... the list is at least a mile long.  

One of the things that I have had to become an expert in is wedding planner SEO.  I'm so deep into it, I can tell you things I never thought I had to know.  Can I hire somebody to do this for me?  Yes.  Do I want to?  No.  And I'll tell you why...I did have an SEO company help get me started but when I wasn't seeing any sort of return on my investment of multiple hundreds of dollars per month.  But they didn't "get" the nuances of my business.  ie: Most of my weddings are destination weddings, I offer many different types of services and we have several different areas where I'm working, our Google local distance is about 200 miles from Napa Valley in all directions.  

I did have an SEO company help get me started but when I wasn't seeing any...

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Wedding Planning Internship

Here is the chance to win something amazing.  A chance to have a two day wedding planning internship in June 2018. How do you do that?  Sign up for and complete the Wedding Design Intensive.   In December I will be awarding it to at least one lucky winner who will have the opportunity to work directly with me at a two day event.  So if you're looking for a wedding planning internship, this could be your chance!  

You'll also have the opportunity to take the Wedding Designs Intensive whcich is pretty cool, too!

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Wedding business consultant

Wedding business consultant 

Did you know that if you have a tank of crabs and one crab is trying to crawl out that the other crabs will, quite literally, pull it back in instead of helping it get out? The Consultancy for Creatives is all about lifting you up out of that mess below you.  As a wedding business consultant, it is my desire to see you flourish and leave your competitors in the tank pulling each other back down  Rise up!

visit the store to get started on your journey up and out. 


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What Do Wedding Designers Charge?

What do wedding designers charge?  How do wedding designers charge?  Are you charging what you are worth? Are you stuck in how to sell your services and products? I've got the answer for you! I've put together a 10 segment online Apprenticeship where you can learn from me at your own pace! Get it and level up your entrepreneur game.

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Wedding Mentor Inspiration June 1

My favorite quote for today to inspire wedding businesses and as a creative business coach.

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The Creative Business Coach & Chandai Events

Chandai hired me to coach her through fixing her flailing wedding business.  The company was known at the time as Kismet Events and really wasn't anything "special".  There was no personality in her company, no passion.  It was a standard Go Daddy website that didn't speak to what she is really capable of.  The first step was changing the brand entirely.  We went from the Kismet Events brand:

I mean, yuck, right?  I'm not hurting her feelings by telling you this publically, trust me, I said it to her over the phone.  One day, I may even show the video she had in the gallery, it was...interesting. 

Within a few weeks, we launched her new brand of Chandai Events:


Wow!  What a difference it makes.  It's clean, it reflects her sparkling personality and uses one of her top assets - her name, which is not a name you will see every day which makes it memorable.  

We're now working on her blog posting, SEO, sales materials and...

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Richard Wood Photographics & Creative Business Mentoring

As a wedding planner, we meet lots of different vendors, especially photographers but there are people you meet in life that you automatically really like.  I've known Richard for over 17 years. I met him when he first moved back to Napa Valley and his photography business was young. He shot a lot of weddings for me back in the day, including my long-time assistant Mellysa's wedding back in 2003. But Richard Wood Photographics needed some new life.

Now in my business as a creative business coach and mentor, Richard reached out to me to get some information about his business and how we could work together to move his business along in the right direction.  Over lunch, I explained what I do in the Consultancy for Creatives, how the process works and what I thought would be the right steps to take for him.  In a few days, we were working together and I was his creative business coach.  Having never worked with a photographer wasn't a concern for me because I...

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Posh Events gets a refreshed website!

Uncategorized May 15, 2017

Posh Events LLC manages events throughout New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia.  I've known Isis as long as I've had a twitter account, so I think we've been friends since 2007 or 2008.  She served with me on the National board of Wish Upon a Wedding and is always upbeat and excited about life in general. She's awesome to be around.  I was so excited when she signed up for the Consultancy. She had a website that needed A LOT of work and I think it hadn't been updated since I first met her.  

Now with a lot of refinement and work, we have a new website to go with her beautiful new branding! 

Make sure you follow Posh Events LLC on Facebook and Instagram

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The Pink Tuxedos Redesign is Live!

Uncategorized May 15, 2017

We love working with Shamica from The Pink Tuxedos, a go-getting wedding designer in the Dallas Metroplex. But she had a brand that didn't reflect how awesome she is or properly showing the work she was doing. We got to work on her redesign and rebranding and the outcome is really a night and day change.

Old Branding - Old Branding felt dated, unprofessional and not very chic. It looked more cartoonish than professional:

New Branding -New branding is on trend, very now and has a refined but fun quality.

Shamica's business persona has elevated x 1000 thanks to her hard work and dedication to making this a priority for her. I could not be more proud of everything she's done so far and I'm excited that we get to work together for a lot longer with her extended All Access Consulting program!

You can follow Shamica on Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest

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