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The Pink Tuxedos Redesign is Live!

May 15, 2017

We love working with Shamica from The Pink Tuxedos, a go-getting wedding designer in the Dallas Metroplex. But she had a brand that didn't reflect how awesome she is or properly showing the work she was doing. We got to work on her redesign and rebranding and the outcome is really a night and day change.

Old Branding - Old Branding felt dated, unprofessional and not very chic. It looked more cartoonish than professional:

New Branding -New branding is on trend, very now and has a refined but fun quality.

Shamica's business persona has elevated x 1000 thanks to her hard work and dedication to making this a priority for her. I could not be more proud of everything she's done so far and I'm excited that we get to work together for a lot longer with her extended All Access Consulting program!

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