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Richard Wood Photographics & Creative Business Mentoring

business coaching creative business event mentoring photography mentor Jun 01, 2017

As a wedding planner, we meet lots of different vendors, especially photographers but there are people you meet in life that you automatically really like.  I've known Richard for over 17 years. I met him when he first moved back to Napa Valley and his photography business was young. He shot a lot of weddings for me back in the day, including my long-time assistant Mellysa's wedding back in 2003. But Richard Wood Photographics needed some new life.

Now in my business as a creative business coach and mentor, Richard reached out to me to get some information about his business and how we could work together to move his business along in the right direction.  Over lunch, I explained what I do in the Consultancy for Creatives, how the process works and what I thought would be the right steps to take for him.  In a few days, we were working together and I was his creative business coach.  Having never worked with a photographer wasn't a concern for me because I know that, just like any creative business, that we need to show the best art we can, inject our personality into the company and attract the right client.  

That being said, Richard needed a really fresh look and a bit of a rebuild of his photography business including tech upgrades, equipment upgrades, and branding upgrades.  We started working on his business in March and his new site launched on May 31.  

The difference in the branding alone is day and night.  Richard's previous brand was blah - I told him it made me want to take a nap:

What we did was bring a much more streamlined logo and colorway to the new brand: 

The new website is also now responsive, shows the best of his work and is functional.  We're also bringing him up to date with newest in technology to help him streamline his workflow and helping him with his shot portfolio.  He's really upped his photography game and the images he's producing are stellar.  In fact, you can check out the Campovida wedding on his blog for more of his styled photography.  

We're now onto refining the packages and the workflow of his company so that all his new couples will have a very easy process to book him as their wedding photographer, working on his blog posts so that his SEO is stellar and getting him in a great place to go out and get the top dollar for his photography.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?  I would love to work with you! 


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