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The Creative Business Coach & Chandai Events

Chandai hired me to coach her through fixing her flailing wedding business.  The company was known at the time as Kismet Events and really wasn't anything "special".  There was no personality in her company, no passion.  It was a standard Go Daddy website that didn't speak to what she is really capable of.  The first step was changing the brand entirely.  We went from the Kismet Events brand:

I mean, yuck, right?  I'm not hurting her feelings by telling you this publically, trust me, I said it to her over the phone.  One day, I may even show the video she had in the gallery, it was...interesting. 

Within a few weeks, we launched her new brand of Chandai Events:


Wow!  What a difference it makes.  It's clean, it reflects her sparkling personality and uses one of her top assets - her name, which is not a name you will see every day which makes it memorable.  

We're now working on her blog posting, SEO, sales materials and...

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