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Event Design Questionnaire Forms

For years, people have wanted to get their hands on my proprietary Event Design Questionnaire - 10 pages of everything I need to know about a client before designing an event that they don't actually want!  It's made us more efficient, more accurate and clients think we're brilliant.  

Now is the time to release to you the top questions that I have in that questionnaire - for you to make your very own!

Here is what is included in your awesome new packet:

  • Event Design Questionnaire for Weddings
  • Event Design Questionnaire for Social Events

These cover everything from getting information about who the client is through the things they want for their wedding.  Over 25 questions in each questionnaire which will help you develop a more detailed questionnaire.  These forms cover the client's desire for: color, food, drinks & desserts, who they are, their priorities, and more!


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