Now is your chance to take your creative business from run of the mill to LEGEND status

Celebrity Event Designer, Sasha Souza has the backstage pass to proven methods & strategies that will help you get there! 

In May 2020, I ran my first Creative Business Challenge and participants were so grateful and sent me so many notes about how much it changed their businesses in such a short period of time.  That made me so happy and I set out to create an amazing program just for you.  It gives me the opportunity to continue the work being done and I know that creative event businesses need my help.

I gathered my entire business strategy, 25 years of being the CEO of a Creative Event business, 16 Years of being a professional speaker, and 9 years as a professional mentor and coach for other Creative Event businesses (including venues, planners, designers, floral designers, rental companies, officiates, photographers, videographers, and stationers) and I'm putting it all into a love letter written especially for you.

The Creative Collective was born in June 2020 and is a membership with 140 creative business pros and chock full of the same methods and strategies that I’ve used to take my business from run-of-the-mill to legend status.  While normally I can only speak to a few people at a time through one-on-one mentoring or through speaking engagements, now I can serve YOU where you are in your creative event business.  Think of me as an accountability partner, cheerleader, and best friend to your business progress.  You can swipe all my methods directly from me and apply them to your company.  If you’re looking for guidance to:

  • ✔️ Carve out your place as an expert and find speaking engagements and PR opportunity
  • ✔️ Learn SEO basics to help yourself get free traffic (People sometimes hire me just for this)
  • ✔️ Leave your non-creative full-time job for your creative business
  • ✔️ Streamline your business to enjoy a work/life balance
  • ✔️ Attract your ideal client and learn how to sell your creativity
  • ✔️ Grow your business into the 6 figure company you've always dreamed of
  • ✔️ Connect with like-minded business pros
  • ✔️ Take your business from where it is today and blast into your next level
  • ✔️ Find the confidence to make change to your business structure to be more profitable
  • ✔️ Make sure you're doing the right things with your processes, workflow, contracts, and proposals

I’m here to help you create your own road map to success through easy to navigate business boosting lessons.  

But did you catch that SEO part? Did you know that I work with clients who sometimes hire me only to manage their SEO? My business currently has 84 keywords that I'm tracking in the top 10. I've learned how to make it work for me and I will be imparting that knowledge during the course of the program.

What makes The Creative Collective Different?

This is real talk:

💛  MOST IMPORTANT!  The Collective is developed, designed, and taught by Celebrity Event Designer Sasha Souza (that’s me).  I’m not sending you off to other experts, you got me… 100% and who better to learn from than somebody who is in the trenches of weddings and events and not just a coach, speaker, or delegate?

💛  I’m a truth-teller and you’ll get LIVE PowerBrunches and HotSeats with me every single month. Are you stuck? We’ll pull you out of that!  Plus I’ll give you clarity in your business model and teach you how to sell your shiny new offerings.

💛  I’ll teach you how to be a CEO of your creative event business… did you know you’re a CEO?  Well, you do now!

💛  I’m going to put you to work - and make sure you’re doing it. We’re not here to gather dust, we’re here to see speed lines behind you!

💛  I guarantee that if you don’t love the program in the first 14 days, I’ll give you your money back. 

Who Are Our Creative Collective Members?

How much does all this radness cost?

I'm so glad you asked that question, customer. 

If you sign up and become a Member, you will pay $37/month.

This isn't an ongoing course, you can't just drop in when you want...but I can tell you that after this initial enrollment, the next time we open the cart, it will cost much more to enroll.  Nobody wants to pay more than they need to, right?

Creative Collective Monthly


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If you were to buy all of this education and coaching, you would be spending thousands per month. Here's the value of what you're getting:

💛   Online Education Portal with monthly lessons $250/month

💛  PowerBrunch/HotSeat Coaching $500/month

💛   SEO training course $1,500

💛 Monthly Business leader interviews (10/22 Preston Bailey) $300/month

💛  Creative Collective Community {Priceless}

💛  BONUS #1:Peek Inside my Binders! {Priceless}

💛  BONUS #2: WedEd @ Home $54/month

💛 BONUS #3: 30% off forms, downloads and books $445

A value of over $11,593 year

Creative Collective Yearly


2 Months Free

If you were to buy all of this education and coaching, you would be spending thousands per month. Here's the value of what you're getting:

💛 Online Education Portal with monthly lessons $250/month

💛  PowerBrunch/HotSeat Coaching $500/month

💛  SEO training course $1,500

💛 Monthly Business leader interviews (10/22 Preston Bailey) $300/month

💛  Creative Collective Community {Priceless}

💛  BONUS #1:Peek Inside by Binders! {Priceless}

💛  BONUS #2: WedEd @ Home $54/month

💛  BONUS #3: 30% off forms, downloads and books $445

A value of over $11,593/year

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Join the Waitlist and Get The 12 Tips for Your Creative Business Guide

While you wait for access to The Creative Collective, we are sharing our top tips for your creative business that you can start working on right now to make a huge difference in your business by the new year!


Every year, I speak at a multitude of conferences, appear on webinars and educate creative event professionals at in-person association meetings and the number of questions I get about how to run a PROFITABLE creative event business is staggering!  People need GUIDANCE, but sometimes one-on-one mentoring and coaching just isn't in their financial cards.  

I believe in educating as many people as possible to be the absolute best they can be, thereby ELEVATING the industry as a whole - which is why I'm inviting you on a journey to be INSPIRED to do better, to gain a FRESH PERSPECTIVE on your business and EMERGE on fire, to create the business you've always DREAMED about.

I'll share INSIDER KNOWLEDGE about how I built my own companies, from trying to get any business I could to booking million dollar weddings. 

It doesn't matter where you are today. You can start right where you are and COMMIT to redefining your creativity. 

You can get ALL of this as a Creative Collective Member, but you will only have a short time to register because when the timer strikes ZERO.

Where the Magic Happens

I'll deliver your education multiple times per month through a variety of different means. 

Online Education Portal

You'll receive full access to our online education portal including video education.

Creator Community

Join like-minded wedding & event creators in a private group on Facebook. 

Module Level Workbooks

Chock full of lessons, tips, and tricks to create the business of your dreams.

PowerBrunch/Hot Seat

1x monthly calls with Q&A and focused business reviews from Sasha.

The Podcast for Creatives

Access the podcast inside the portal Special episodes drop for CC members only and are paired with each lesson.

Collective Calendar

Stay on track and up to date with the Collective Google Calendar and don't miss a thing.  Even if you can't be at a live, they are recorded for you 

Event Business Leader Interviews

Interviews with Industry leaders in all aspects of events. Past leaders: Kate Patay, Braden Drake & J. Damany Daniel & Preston Bailey.

Exclusive Business Discounts

Enjoy exclusive discounts with vendor partners and with all Consultancy for Creatives products while you're a member

One of the most unique aspects of The Creative Collective membership is the monthly live Business Leader Interview. My best industry friends meet with you to educate, inform, and give you new perspective on your business.

A Q&A With Celebrity Event Designer Preston Bailey

Harbinger of Hope, Brett Culp: Extraordinary Leadership.

Creative Business Attorney, Braden Drake: Legit Your $hit

Chief Strategy Officer, Kate Patay: Business of Branding

Event Nerd, J. Damany Daniel: How to Create Engagement in a Virtual World

Event Photographer & Inclusivity Activist, Bobbi Brinkman: Inclusion in Your Business Practices

Publicist Meghan Ely: Your Wedding PR Guide to Reputation and Rebuilding in 2021

Detail Photographer, Damion Hamilton: The Detail Experience - Detail Photography & Your Events

As a member, you'll have access to watch all of the previous interviews in our vault and access to future leaders.

The next opening will be in February 2021. You'll want to join the waitlist now!

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Incredible gains have happened in 2020 in their businesses, can you imagine what this will do for you? 

Over the past 16 years, Sasha Souza has been educating the industry on behalf of associations, trade shows, conferences and meetings:

Hey there! I'm Sasha Souza 

 and if we don't know each other, let me introduce myself...

I'm the CEO of Sasha Souza Events, Creative Mentor & Educator with the Consultancy for Creatives, avid business world traveler, 3x time published author, award winner, creative industry educator, baseball mom, dreamer, lover & drinker of bubbles, eater of brunch, and all around go-getter. 

I guide creative event professionals that are struggling to level up their creative business by helping them get visible to their ideal client, build confidence and increase sales, and expand their reach in ways they never thought possible. 

I'm inviting you to sit with me at my desk and watch as you go from where you are today to TRANSFORM your business into something you never thought imaginable.  I want you to spend your days not looking at memes and in endless Zoom calls guessing the future, but CREATING your future.

Two words: Action and Accountability

Action = activity, force, or energy

Accountability = answering to someone or something, answerable, responsible

What I am teaching will help you create changing action while being accountable to a community of like-minded creative event professionals. When those two things are aligned, you are working within the magic zone. My clients see such enormous growth because of the actions that they are advised to take for their own businesses and for the accountability that comes with it. When there's an expectation of you, when you are committed to making long, overdue change and a fresh perspective, the extraordinary happens.

I want you to be inspired and on fire about what you want that to look like for you as much as I am for my own business.  This has the potential to be a season of growth, not of contraction, and if you have never considered challenging yourself before, I’m here to tell you why it’s time:

  • It’s easy to spend more time reacting to what you need to do rather than planning for your future.
  • It’s easy to focus on the negative and not put positive vibes into your life and business.
  • It’s easy to feel stuck and hamstrung when what you should be focusing on is the freedom you have to recreate your story

This is your opportunity. Right here. Right now. 

Truth be told, I have been asked to start a community like this so many times before.  In fact, standing in my booth at Wedding MBA in 2019, we made a list of more than 50 of my peers who were aching for something just like this with my own signature style. A place created by me to empower my peers and provide clarity and knowledge that they could use to infuse their own businesses.

The Creative Collective is a long thought out, highly curated and developed program. We wanted to make it absolutely amazing for you. And here it is... I'm so happy that you're here to learn more.

Chandai Raghunauth

Chandai Events

Sasha is one of the best investments I made with my event planning business. It was an eye-opener to hear what she said. If you want someone to sugar coat your business, she is not your person.  I was able to take her advice and bring my business to the next level. Everything she said has been spot on. Now I'm able to do my own SEO content writing, blogs, make changes to my site and I have enhance my self and Chandai Events and will continue to do so. 

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My clients see results.  Period.

Chef Chris Taylor

Chris Evans Events + Catering

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Terrica Skaggs

Terrica, Inc.

Working with Sasha was everything I needed and more to catapult my business from the usual and mundane into an exhilarating experience that I am thrilled to embark upon.  I have always adored Sasha— not only for her body of work and expertise, but for her candor and ability to keep her finger on the pulse of wedding trends, but also the wedding industry itself. 

Sally Arnold

Sally Arnold Events

I started working with Sasha 4 years ago and it’s been the best investment I’ve made in my business.  Sasha has helped me with every aspect of my business:  branding, processes, tools, encouragement and advice.  When I had a difficult client and some challenging situations, guess what?  I learned she had similar circumstances and she masterfully guided me through them.

Chris Taylor

Chris Evans Events + Catering

Sasha Souza is a seer... she sees the best in the individual’s craft and develops them to be just that. Her critiques are unforgiving, but always enlightening, causing anyone she works with to condition themselves to dive into the deep... she definitely equips willing and self motivated people to handle “the deep.” 

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