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To help you level-up your creative business and learn how to set your business on fire for 2021! 

There's no time like now to work on your creative business and learn the tools necessary to set yourself apart!
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Hey there! I'm Sasha Souza 

It's time to start thinking about your future and what your next year and the year after will look like. I'm inviting you to my very special masterclass to help you start working on those strategies! 

5 Strategies to Up-Level Your Creative Event Biz

I'll give you the tools to grow and develop your creative event business for 2021 & beyond. 

Do you want to carve out your space as a top event industry creative? 
Of course you do!  Let's go!

My Mentoring Clients Say I'm a Truth-Teller... 👊

And as a truth- teller I create a culture of candor. I believe that instead of blaming others when things go wrong, you look for solutions, and I create an environment where people feel it's OK to mess up and make mistakes. Business can be messy and people are messy and it's what you do with that mess that is important.


Let's be honest, things have been distracting and downright disheartening for our creative industry.  Even if you're currently doing events, the uncertainty of where this industry is headed can be overwhelming.  The headlines are not your friend.


I'm sure you've sat in on a lot of pandemic related webinars trying to learn about the next steps for our industry, but what are next steps for you?  For your creative event business?  Where are YOU headed?  What are your goals for 2021 and beyond?

This is Why Now, More Than Ever, it's Important to Niche Yourself

Here's the thing, it's a crowded marketplace already and if you aren't differentiating yourself from your competition, you're looking at a longer road ahead. Now is the time to find your own voice, to strengthen the voice you have, and to set yourself apart and stand out from the noise.

What is the Masterclass Schedule?

I'm excited to offer the Masterclass three times so you can choose a date and time that is most convenient to you!  Each Masterclass is limited to 100 registrants, so make sure you grab your seat at the table! 


The Masterclass will also feature access to new products from the Consultancy for Creatives that you will NOT want to miss.

Will the Webinar be Recorded to Watch Later?

These Masterclasses will not be available for rewatch at a later time, so you must show up for the Masterclass to receive the education and the surprise bonus...



How to define your niche to appeal to your target market.

Niching isn't as scary as it may seem, it actually helps you get more of the right clients to work with you so you can charge what you are worth.

Learn how to visualize your 2021 & beyond the fun way.

Sasha will show you how she uses vision boards to create a clear and distinctive pathway for both of her creative event businesses - mapping her way to success.

Carve your own road to massive success in client relationships.

Ensure that you are always on the right track with your client. By aligning with them early and often, it's easier to create buy-in on your services & products.

Save your seat for the 1 of 3 jam-packed Masterclasses ...

Please choose only one date that works for you!

Monday, October 19th -

7:00 p.m. Pacific


Tuesday, October 20th -

4:00 p.m. Pacific



Wednesday, October 14th - 3:00 p.m. Pacific 



Friday, October 16th - 9:00 a.m Pacific


Make sure you show up for the Masterclass!

Because here's the secret, I'm offering a big ol' bonus at the end that you're going to want to hear about.  Because this is where the insider info will be handed to you!



Last time I offered masterclasses, they SOLD OUT!

Creative Professionals


Working with Me!

I've had the honor of working with dozens of wedding and event planners, caterers, floral designers, photographers, and venues on their businesses through one-on-one mentoring and I've helped tens of thousands through our downloads, membership programs, speaking engagements, and books.  I'd love to help you with your business like I've helped them.

I guide creative event professionals that are struggling to level up their creative business by helping them get visible to their ideal client, build confidence and increase sales, and expand their reach in ways they never thought possible.

My business has planned more than 600 events over 25 years managing individual client budgets over $2 million dollars - and my business consistently brings in more than a half million dollars per year. I want you to have that same success.

The Types of Creative Businesses That Can Benefit From The Consultancy for Creatives...

So, are you ready to...

✔️  Learn to define your niche to appeal to your target market.

✔️  Learn how to visualize your 2021 & beyond the fun way.

✔️ Carve your own road to massive success in client relationships

Don't Get Left Out...