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Wedding MBA Fireside Night - October 2nd

Join Sasha for a private and intimate event the day prior to Wedding MBA. From 7 p.m. - 10 p.m. on Monday, October 2

You will join Sasha and her Director of Operations, Mellysa, for an intimate "fireside" - a no holds barred discussion about the wedding industry, how to get to the top, how to stay there and how to really find out who you are in your market.  We will cover all our tips and tricks for:

  • Selling your client on your services from the first phone call
  • Pricing your services for the event
  • Stories of the toughest lessons learned and help you learn from our greatest failures
  • Proposals and what you need to include
  • We'll discuss your greatest difficulties and figure out solutions
  • If you have a particularly difficult client and you need design help...bring it on!

There's nothing off-limits and the policy is "what happens at the fireside, stays at the fireside".  Call it a think tank, a PJ party or a pow-wow.  We'll get INTO the business of wedding planning and all of the glamorous and not so glamorous parts that come along with it.   Limited to 15 happy campers.  This WILL sell out!


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